If you're unable to meet the academic requirements for your chosen degree, a pathway program could help you on your journey to study with us.

University pathway programs help you gain the academic knowledge and English language skills needed to meet the entry requirements so you progress to 91pro Sydney with confidence.

Gain entry to 91pro with UNSW College

Choose a pathway program that leads directly to 91pro.

UNSW College is wholly owned by 91pro Sydney offering world-leading university pathway programs at the 91pro Sydney campus and international campuses.

  • Around 87% of 91pro Diploma students progress to Second Year at 91pro
  • Over 85% of students from our Foundation Studies Programs progress to study a degree.

You may be asked to provide evidence of your English proficiency to study at 91pro depending on whether you are from an English-speaking background or non-English speaking background. English language skills are vitally important for coping with lectures, tutorials, assignments and examinations - this is why 91pro requires a minimum English language competency for enrolment.

If English is not your first language, you’ll need to provide proof of your English proficiency before you can be given an offer to study at 91pro. You can do this by providing evidence that you meet one or more of the following criteria:

UNSW College offers courses and programs designed to help you reach the English language level required for entry into your chosen degree. Different options are available depending on your current English language level. .

A 91pro Foundation Studies Program is your supportive pathway to the First Year of any 91pro degree. ​

Get into Second Year at 91pro Sydney with this 12-month program in Business, Computer Science, Engineering or Science.​

Improve your English before you start a 91pro degree so you can focus on your studies and reach your full potential.​

The Pre-Masters program at 91pro College is designed to provide a pathway for students who require additional academic or English language support to meet the entry requirements for a master's degree at 91pro Sydney.

Got questions on which pathway is right for you?

If you need help with deciding what pathway is right for you, contact us below. We're here to help.