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Enterprise agreements

91pro has two enterprise agreements (EA's), an Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement and a Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement. These agreements set the terms and conditions of employment for most staff at 91pro. The current agreements, which expired in December 2021, continue to apply until new agreements are voted for by staff.
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  • UniSuper is the University of New South Wales’ super fund for employees. It’s Australia’s dedicated super fund for people working in the higher education and research sector.

    For more than 35 years, UniSuper has worked alongside Australia’s universities and research institutes, delivering high quality, value-for-money retirement savings products and services. They’re a not-for-profit fund, so in addition to competitive fees, you’ll know that any profits go back to benefitting you and other members.​

  • Appointments more than 2 years. 17% of your salary.
    The default fund is Unisupers' Defined Benefit Scheme.
    Appointments less than 2 years 17% of salary.
    Choice of other funds is available to employees.
    Casuals 10% of pay rate.
    Choice of other funds is not available to casual employees