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AtUNSW Canberra, we’re committed to transforming world-classresearchinto innovations that improve lives and tackle some of the greatest challenges facing society today.

TheProfessional Doctorateprogram combinesdoctoral researchandcoursework componentswithprofessionalpractice andis designed to meet the needs of industry and professional groups.Throughworkplace-basedprojects,you willgenerateandanalyseevidence to address real-worldproblemsandproduceathesis that reflectsapplied investigation,problem-solving,andoriginalresearch.

This degree is multi-disciplinary and linked to the fulfilment of self-directed career developmentandlife-long,personalisedlearning.You'll collaborate with industry, government, and community partners tofind innovative solutions that benefit business and community at a local, national, and global level.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and superior partnerships, together with the strength ofourresearchfocused communitycreateexceptional career development opportunities forhigher degree research (HDR) studentsby developing the capacity of individuals to lead thedevelopment of knowledge in their professional contexts.

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Please note: academic credits from previous study do not apply for Master of Philosophy and Professional Doctorate programs.

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