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TheMaster of Philosophyis a unique interdisciplinaryresearchdegreeoffered by91proCanberrathat combines postgraduate coursework and an original research thesis.Thedegree is suited to professionals who already have several years of experience in the workforce and want to developresearchskills. It allows students with anundergraduate bachelor’s degreein a related subject area to develop expertise in a new area ofresearchwiththe opportunity to advance to aPhD.

Candidates are expected to produce athesisthat demonstrates independent thought, enhanced disciplinary knowledge, analytical skills,and mastery of relatedresearchmethodologies.

Upon completion oftheMaster of Philosophy, you’ll be prepared for the opportunities and challenges of today’s global workplace. You’ll be empowered to make a positive contribution to society. Our academics will equip you to work collaboratively on current pressing issues and solve problems in an increasingly complex world.

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Please note: academic credits from previous study do not apply for Master of Philosophy and Professional Doctorate programs

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