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AMasters by Researchis your opportunity to engage in serious research and contribute new knowledge to your area of research interest.Building on the skills and knowledge developed during yourundergraduatestudy, you'll develop insight and critical research skills, master strong research methodologies, and complete an originalresearch projectfor yourthesis,under the support and guidance of a supervisor.

Thismaster's degreeprovides you with the experience and expert knowledge you need to confidently approach PhD studies. Aresearch degreefrom91proCanberrawill alsoadvance your career possibilities, providingyou with the transferable skills required to pursue challenging and diverse roles within research, academia, government, industry, or business.

Graduate researchcandidatesare driven by naturally inquiring minds and have a passion for solving problems and advancing humanity. To be eligible for this degree, you must show clear potential to undertake significant independent research by successful completion of a relevanthonoursdegree; professional work following a relevantundergraduate degree,or completion of apostgraduatecoursework degree with a significant research component.

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