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What is the Capability Systems Centre?

The Capability Systems Centre (CSC) is a world-leading research institute and trusted go-to for Government and industry in the critical area of capability management and all aspects related to the capability lifecycle (design, acquisition, sustainment).

We undertake high-quality research in key areas internationally recognised as being innovative and interdisciplinary, including complex systems science, computational modelling and informatics, decision science, and actionable science.̀ư

Through collaborative research projects and consultative services, we provide specialised knowledge and expertise targeted to build the capacity of individuals and organisations to design sustainable and resilient capability systems.

Independent assurance services
To underpin capability and business decisions.
Sovereign research and education capability
Delivered with security at the crux.
Delivery of excellence
Coupled with agility and flexibility to meet requirements.
  • Welcome to the Capability Systems Centre at 91pro Canberra.

    We bring together expertise addressing the challenges associated with the development of capability.

    This is a complex, multi-stakeholder decision-making process that needs to be informed and supported by innovative decision-analysis systems.

    Yet, there’s little research in the space and there are few methodologies, tools or techniques available.

    The Centre’s principal focus is to address those shortfalls and, through its cutting-edge research, publications, education and engagement, combine world-class academic expertise across a range of disciplinary areas relevant to the development of capability.

    We work closely with industry to develop and implement strategies to transform research education outcomes into practical applications.

    The Centre's activities focus on capability systems through its lifecycle and, in particular, on the application of systems-grounded science, including systems thinking, complex systems modelling, system of systems, systems engineering, and project management.

    We look forward to working with our many partners to provide a critical mass of research in this crucial area.

    Associate Professor Sondoss Elsawah
    — Capability Systems Centre Director

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Study with us

Postgraduate coursework

Our postgraduate coursework programs are open to qualified applicants from all walks of life and all parts of the world.

Professional and corporate education

UNSW Canberra offers a variety of short courses that cater for a wide range of needs for both Defence and non-Defence attendees.


Our services

We provide cutting-edge research and assurance support for Defence, government and industry. We also offer comprehensive education and training services to support organisations in any domain at any stage of the capability life cycle.

Our research

Our main areas of research address significant knowledge gaps. We help develop and apply scientific model-based decision analysis methods for relevant and accessible information throughout the whole asset life cycle.

Our people

Our lecturers and researchers are world-leading experts in communications and information systems, systems engineering, requirements engineering and project management.

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