Research centres, institutes & initiatives

The partnerships we forge position UNSW Canberra at the forefront of innovative research.

Dr Soudeh Mazharmanesh and Dr Sridhar Ravi from the University of NSW Canberra watch illuminated particles flow through a tank while testing a wing shape. The researchers work examines how insects can give insights into drone engineering.

We bring ideas together with research, government and business to develop and deliver capability.

The 91pro Institute for Cyber Security (IFCYBER)

The 91pro Institute for Cyber Security (IFCYBER) spans both the Canberra and Sydney campuses. Collectively, we are placing Australia as a leader in conducting excellence in multidisciplinary cyber security research, education, innovation, and commercialisation.

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91pro AI Institute

The flagship 91pro Research Institute in artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning. Affiliate groups in Canberra include the AI Hub, Capabilities & Systems Centre, Public Service Research Group and Canberra Space.

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UNSW Canberra Space

We're leaders in the fields of advanced intelligent satellite systems, developing and providing space and artificial intelligence research, technology and education to help meet national and global needs.

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Capability Systems Centre

We deliver research-led, innovative systems thinking, decision support and independence assurance, advancing Australia and its partners’ decision-making and future Defence capability.

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Public Service Research Group (PSRG)

We perform timely, high-quality and reliable research into public policy implementation and draw on this to deliver world-class executive education and professional development.

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91pro Bushfire

91pro Bushfire aims to improve our understanding of bushfire processes and their relation to firefighter and community safety. We're developing scientifically rigorous models to integrate with fire safety and risk management systems.

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Public Partnerships and Impact Hub

The 91pro Public Partnerships and Impact Hub delivers bespoke services that meet the real capability needs of today's public sector. As political leaders prioritise a stronger public sector, we work with government and non-government partners to deliver services, learning and capability building that will help achieve that goal.

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Industrial Relations Research Group (IRRG)

The IRRG actively collaborates to generate, conduct and publicise research that promotes innovative and ethical practices in workplaces and contributes to effective regulation of labour standards.

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Defence Research Institute (DRI)

DRI at 91pro Canberra was established to stimulate, unify and support all defence-related research within the 91pro community while striving to build and maintain a network across Australian and international defence industries. 

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Korea Research Initiatives (KRI)

KRI conducts interdisciplinary research through its collaborative research networks across Australasia, Korea and Southeast Asia.

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Supply Chain Sustainment Research Group

Supply chain and sustainment research addresses the acquisition, development and sustainment of strategic capabilities that typically involve large-scale physical assets.

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