TABL3033/5933 is a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and Final Year Synthesis course, where students join the 91pro Tax and Business Advisory Clinic team for one day a week (9am-5pm) and attend fortnightly seminars. The Clinic offers free accounting and tax advisory services to individuals and small businesses in serious financial hardship.

Under the supervision of CA/CPA-qualified clinical supervisors, you will gain hands-on experience undertaking work for real clients. You will conduct interviews with clients, make strategic decisions about conduct of the file, undertake research, draft all documents and where appropriate be involved in objections and advocacy work. You will also deliver in-community outreach education workshops to support and empower financially vulnerable people and communities.

You will be able to advance your professional skills, technical skills, critical thinking, communication, teamwork, research, innovation and creativity and leadership skills – all while making a difference to the most disadvantaged in our society.  

  • InPlace is 91pro’s new enterprise-wide platform for managing Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experiences for 91pro students across all schools and faculties. The Clinic uses InPlace to track and manage all Placements. The first step in this process is to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) in InPlace for a Placement.

    Please follow the steps below once you have logged into InPlace:

    • Go into your 'My Details' section under your username to update the 'Tax Clinic - Expression of Interest for Enrolment' section (please note, complete each section and hit 'Submit')
    • You can also access this section via the 'To Do' section of your Home page
    • Once all sections are completed and submitted, this will be passed on to 91pro Staff for review
    • You will be advised of the outcome but can also check InPlace for progress on the EOI and any future Placements
    • You will be able to view any 'Confirmed' Placements in InPlace and complete further information as needed

    For any questions or assistance with InPlace please email inplace@unsw.edu.au

    User guide available here

  • This course is offered in Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3. 

    If you are interested in making a positive difference to the lives of others, we’d love for you to join us.

  • You are welcome to join us either for course credit (TABL3033 for undergraduate students, TABL5933 for postgraduate students), or as an AHEGS-recognised student volunteer.

    Undergraduate students must have:

    • Completed or enrolled in COMM1140, COMM1150, TABL2751 (for BCom students), or LAW3751 (for combined law students).
    • Completed either COMM1999 or COMM6000.
    • Maintained good academic standing (minimum 65 WAM).
    • Completed 84 UOC.
    • Not enrolled in the Co-op Program.

    Postgraduate students must have:

    • Enrolled in either the 8404, 8417, 8415, or 8413 program.
    • Completed or enrolled in TABL5551, TABL2751/LAWS3751, or an equivalent course.
    • Maintained good academic standing (minimum 65 WAM).
    • Completed 48 UOC.
    • Not enrolled in the Co-op Program.
  • The course is graded on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis.

    The three components of assessment are: Seminar Presentations (20%), Clinical Performance (60%), and Reflective Report (20%).

Student testimonials

Thank you once again for the meaningful opportunity to be part of the clinic. I believe the practical experience, skills and mentorship I gained have successfully landed me a graduate role as a Tax Consultant within the Financial Advisory division at PwC Australia. I hope the clinic continues to prosper with more success stories as well as improving social justice outcomes in the community.

-Ayu (TABL3033, T2 2019)

This course has definitely improved my knowledge on not just the academic aspect of tax-related topics, but also my practical skills when working with clients in the future. Thanks to this course, I am certain I want to pursue a career in taxation.

-Kenny (TABL3033, T2 2019)


For further enquiries, please contact taxclinic@unsw.edu.au.